Working in partnership with EMWPREP provides a wide range of benefits which are outlined below.

Unique Benefits

Our smaller scale approach allows for personalised account management with support and resources influenced by the latest sector guidance. As an EMWPREP member, you can access:
• A friendly, supportive and responsive team, dealing with all queries quickly and efficiently.
• Tailored packages of support that best serve your needs.
• Regular face-to-face, online, and resource-based training.
• Standardised data collection forms with built in data-sharing permissions for HESA, UCAS, the OfS, and others.
• Bespoke online, GDPR-approved data collection form facility, which minimises the burden for schools and colleges, parents, and partners.

Database Access and Support

• Unlimited user access to our secure web-enabled bespoke database where partners can record all activity from across the student lifecycle (outreach, recruitment and student success) in one location. The database has in-built online analysis and reporting functionality as well a comprehensive downloads section facilitating self-service, rapid access to your own data
• Activity and participant bulk upload service facilitated by EMWPREP to enable rapid and accurate data inputting
• Online data collection form facility to minimise data collection burden for schools and colleges, parents, and partners. It also reduces partner data inputting obligations.
• Responsive to partner database modification needs and ad hoc data requests providing timely data to meet specific requirements
• Regular face-to-face, online and resource-based training and guidance on the use of the database and the collection of participant and activity data
• Personalised account management and unlimited access to our data support team via our database contact form, email and telephone

Data and GDPR Policy Management

• Management of all matters relating to data protection including the provision of GDPR-approved data collection forms, partnership-wide privacy notice, records retention schedule and standard legal basis for collecting data
• Standard data sharing protocols with external sector agencies that mean all data collected across the partnership can be shared with HESA, UCAS, DfE and similar organisations for analysis and cohort tracking
• Annual tracking of participants in your outreach and recruitment programmes, to support evidence of impact for APPs and return on investment of these initiatives, demonstrating which students are progressing to your institution each year
• Consistency and comparability of data across the Partnership through use of our standardised forms. Each partner is provided with a suite of hardcopy and online forms (parent/carer; post 16 and mature) which are reviewed and updated for accuracy on an annual basis.
• Ability to integrate data collection and processing with partner CRM systems
• A regular audit system is in place to ensure compliance and maintenance of best practice through provision of advice on procedures.

Access to Evaluation Expertise

• Access to a bespoke robust package of evaluation for one specific project or intervention based on partners’ individual requirements
• Access to our online evaluation resources influenced by the latest sector guidance.

A Tailored and Flexible Model

• Provision of on-going information, advice and guidance on matters associated with evidence and research
• Tailored packages of support that best serve the needs of individual members
• A model that can be applied to all stages of the student lifecycle to support access, retention, and success work

Working as a Collaboration

• Sharing costs and minimising duplication of effort
• The potential to influence wider policy through the collective voice
• Negotiation of access to educational datasets belonging to sector bodies (e.g. UCAS, DfE, HESA) to produce comprehensive longitudinal outcomes via standard and bespoke reports
• Every single standard member has representation on our strategic planning group which jointly oversees the priorities and makes decisions on the partnership services and strategic direction ensuring we can provide a service which can adapt to both the needs of individual partners and the requirements set out by external government agencies
• Identification and exchange of good practice via our database and evaluation operational groups which are run throughout the year to which all partners have the opportunity to send the most appropriate representatives from their institution. The groups cover operational issues such as data inputting and processing and therefore influence data collection procedures and new modifications on our database
• Facilitating partners working in collaboration on bespoke projects, as well as providing networking opportunities in localised settings

DANCOP are proud to be a partner of EMWPREP. We have a strong working relationship with the team and feel like a real part of the partnership, having a valuable opportunity as practitioners to feed into the system and have a voice when changes are being made.” 

Anna Davey, Data and Research Manager – DANCOP