EMWPREP complete various research throughout the year for partners including:

  • Annual in year/end of year Database Reports
  • External Data Reports
  • Specific Evaluation Reports

Database Reports:
Both the in year and end of year reports contain the findings from analysis of data extracted from the EMWPREP Monitoring & Evaluation Database and look to analyse data of both activities and participants’ during academic years (and previous years, where appropriate for comparative purposes). Analysis explores activities and participants by amount, funding stream, category, HEFCE core activity, activity types and year groups. Additionally where participant data has been collected analysis explores targeting criteria and contextual data.

External Data Reports:
Partners are provided with Data reports which link participants on the EMWPREP Monitoring & Evaluation Database to external datasets to analyse key attainment, post-16 progression and higher education participation trends of learners from the EMWPEP Partnership.

Specific Evaluation Reports:
Where requested EMWPREP will also produce reports based on partners  specific evaluation, the bespoke nature of these reports means that these reports can vary in nature and could include amongst other things analyses of focus groups with young people taking part in outreach activities and interviews with teaching professionals and other key stakeholders.

In addition EMWPREP are keen to share there findings with the sector and often produce presentations to share at various conferences, a selection of which can be found here.