Evaluation Resources

Evaluation is a structured process of assessing the success of an activity in meeting its aims and objectives. Ideally embedded within the activity having been built into the design of the event at the outset, evaluation should be concerned with informing practice, and helping us to understand what makes a difference.

Each EMWPREP partner is entitled to an annual bespoke evaluation using complementary in-depth methods such as impact questionnaires, focus groups and reflective logs to help provide evidence of the impact of activities on learners. To further support partners in their evaluation endeavors we are pleased to be able to share our expertise by way of an evaluation toolkit. It has been collated to assist partners with their own in-house evaluations. The kit is a culmination of previous bespoke evaluation projects and will provide information, advise and guidance on the major evaluative areas to empower partners to undertaken their own projects.

Partners can access the toolkit here.