This section provides a list of frequently asked questions by non-partners concerning the EMWPREP Service.

We are a small team and don’t have any experience collecting participant information, how can you help us?

At EMWPREP we offer ongoing support and guidance to our partners as to the most suitable methods of data collection in their particular context. We offer hard copy, online and bulk forms of data collection as well as facilitating connections between our partners via operations groups to help facilitate sharing of good practice. We provide a few resources to assist partners to effectively target schools and learners for outreach and recruitment programmes.

Can we use your service even though we are not based in the East Midlands?

Yes. We were originally formed as a partnership with members in the East Midlands but we are able to offer our services to any institution that requires evaluation or database services. These are the different levels of membership available to you.

We would like to stay with our current tracker but can we just use your evaluation service?

Yes. You can join as an Evaluation Only member or we can work with you to produce a one-off bespoke evaluation depending on your needs.

We have collected activity and participant data with another tracker but are interested in moving to EMWPREP. Is this possible?

Yes. We are able to work with you to facilitate safe transfer of data from one system to another. We would work with your own data protection / governance teams to ensure compliance with GDPR.

What do you offer that’s different to other tracking services?

We are a very experienced tracking service which allows partners access to the variety of services available and they can tailor the specific service to meet their own institutional needs year on year. We don’t use a one-size fits all approach but rather our smaller scale approach allows for personalised account management and support so that we are able to offer a service that is suitable for your team and institution whatever your size and experience.

Does the EMWPREP Service provide training for new partners?

Yes. We offer full training to all new members of the partnership; this can involve as many people as you wish and can take place either online or face to face. All partners have access to a comprehensive suite of user guides and templates. We provide further training for the ‘Super users’ who become the main point of contact in your organisation with EMWPREP, they disseminate information about database updates, changes and can provide training to new team members. However, if you require additional training, our team can support you with this.

What ongoing support is provided to EMWPREP partners?

EMWPREP offer on-going information, advice and guidance on matters associated with evidence and research. We have various operations and strategic management group to assist all partners in their use of our service.

How much say would we get in the running of EMWPREP?

Standard members sit on our strategic management group allowing partners to have an equal say and influence as to the direction the partnership takes. Database only members attend the operations group meetings and can help shape future database direction and developments.

What does your database offer?

Our database is offered via unlimited user access where partners can record all activity from across the student lifecycle (outreach, recruitment and student success) in one location. The database has in-built online analysis and reporting functionality as well a comprehensive downloads section facilitating self-service, rapid access to your own data. More details can be found here.