Group work: Experimental design exercise


This is a 12 week project targeting 100 first year undergraduates starting their courses who are from POLAR4 quintiles one and two and running over their first semester. The project involves being mentored by a third year undergraduate who is on the same course. Each student will meet with their mentor every two weeks and each meeting will last for one hour. The aim of the project is to support the continuation of these students and help them achieve their potential in their academic subjects.


This project is a two month long intervention aimed at third year students from widening access backgrounds. The intervention equips students with the skills needed to successfully gain employment at the end of their degree. It consist of 8 weekly sessions with each one being 40 minutes long. The aim of the project is to develop the employability skills of the students which include identifying your career strengths, writing a successful application and developing successful interview techniques.


This project consists of a 5 day residential project for 150 year 9 students with 50 coming from each of 3 local schools with below average levels of GSCE achievement. One of the schools is an all boy’s school and the other 2 schools have sent an equal number of boys and girls to the project. The programme will focus on subject taster sessions, understanding higher education and student life. The aim of the project is to raise the learners understanding of higher education.


This is an online tutoring project designed to help year 10 learners improve their mathematics attainment. It involves postgraduate students delivering a series of 8 online sessions which are 40 minutes long to groups of 20 learners. The project is being delivered in 2 different schools. The aim of the project is to improve the core mathematical skills of the participants and the schools would like the students to take a test before and then one after the project to gauge any improvements they have made.


This is a project designed to engage the parents and carers of learners, aged 15 to 18, who are under-represented in higher education. The project produces a bi-weekly newsletter for parents. It has funding for an initial 10 months. This newsletter aims to provide them with information that will explain the university application process, highlight the different routes into higher education and enable parents to help support their learners in both their choice of course and place of study. These will include student finance, the UCAS application process, degree apprenticeships and making the right choice for post-16 studies. The project is seeking to engage 200 parents recruited from 4 different schools.