Group work: Questionnaire design exercise


 This project is delivering an online course in understanding higher education to year 9 learners. The course involves 4 x 30 minute sessions which the pupils take when they are in the school with the support of a student ambassador leading the session. It is a pilot project. We need a questionnaire to assess the impact of the course and in particular the importance of the online element,  how this has aided their learning or not and where areas for improvement may be here. The course was taken by 200 learners.


This project provides a programme of staff development seminars for teaching staff in an HEI to assist them in delivering a more inclusive curriculum. The aim here is to design a questionnaire for staff to help understand the impact of the programme on their pedagogy. The programme of seminars is run over 5 x 90 minute seminars over a 15 week period. 50 staff have participated in the programme. Each has participated in 3-5 sessions.


This project aims to improve the understanding of HE and the opportunities for HE progression amongst adults. The target group is adults over the age of 26 who have little knowledge of the HE system, how to apply, the course options available (including degree apprenticeships) or what the benefits of HE participation may be. The project will look to achieve its aims through an online course that adults can take in their own time hosted on an online platform of other HE information activities. The course should take 60 minutes to complete over 3 x 20 minute sessions and is a mix of small presentations and question/answer. The questionnaire you are designing is for the participants to take online at the end of the course.


The project works with a cohort of care experienced students through year 12 and 13 offering a combination of small group mentoring with university students, workshops led by HE academic staff related to different subject disciplines and a 3 day residential experience at the end of year 12. The aim of the project is support this group of students, who have the potential for HE study to enter HE. The questionnaire will be delivered when the project finishes which is shortly before their A-Level examinations. It is a pilot programme and this is the first time it has been delivered.


The project focuses on working with year 6 learners to increase their understanding of higher education and future career options. It consists of 6 interactive 45 minute sessions with the learners delivered every two weeks. The aim is for them to understand the journey from year 6 to HE, what options HE can lead to in terms of careers but also the relationship between other forms of qualifications and non HE routes. As well as capturing the views of the learners regarding the sessions and course, it needs to try and capture what the learners have learnt about pathways to careers and also what their present career aspirations are and why.