How we use your Data- Privacy Notice

When collecting information from participants, parents and/or carers, especially personal data, it is important to provide clear guidance on how we intend to use this information and for what purpose.

Our Privacy Notice below provides details of the data we collect from those involved in outreach and recruitment activities including information on where data is stored, who has access for processing, the legal basis for processing data and who it is shared with.

EMWPREP Privacy Notice


This privacy policy sets out why the East Midlands Widening Participation Research and Evaluation Partnership (EMWPREP) collects your data; how it collects it; and what it does with it once it has been collected. This policy relates specifically to information held by EMWPREP and our partner institutions and is in addition to Loughborough University’s general Privacy Policy. All data is held securely and in compliance with relevant data protection legislation.

What is EMWPREP and what does it do?

The East Midlands Widening Participation Research and Evaluation Partnership (EMWPREP), hosted at Loughborough University, is a monitoring and evaluation service funded through a subscription model, strategically governed by its partners.

EMWPREP’s overall aim is to investigate through research and evaluation the effect of widening participation initiatives on individuals.

EMWPREP membership is available to any Higher Education Provider, and non-HE organisations (e.g. education providers, charities or third sector agencies). Members subscribing to our standard or database only models have access to our bespoke database, a secure online platform which enables data collection, analysis and research via standardised and bespoke reporting functionality.

Where we get your data

If you (or your child or dependant) take part in an activity at a university or further education college, you may be asked to complete an EMWPREP Data Collection Form by one of our partners.

We may also be provided data directly by your (or your child or dependant’s) school or college where appropriate data sharing agreements exist.

This information allows us to create a record of you (or your child or dependant) on our database.

We also obtain and hold information about your (or your child or dependants) school life, for example GCSE and A-Level qualifications (from the Department for Education), and your university life for example details of degree programmes you have studied, qualifications obtained, jobs held after graduation (from Jisc), which is supplied to us by third parties.

Types of data we collect and hold

The information collected, stored and processed by EMWPREP and our partner institutions may include any of the following:

  • Identifying details (including your name, gender, date of birth)
  • Personal details (including your Free School Meal eligibility, Looked After Children and Young Adult Carer Status; and Parent/Carer experience of higher education)
  • Special category data (including your ethnicity and disability status)
  • Contact details (including your address, email address School/college/training provider)
  • Information about your time at School, College or University (including GCSE, A-Level, and degree results)
  • Employment details (including what jobs you have once you have finished your education)
  • Communications sent to you by EMWPREP or received from you
  • Any activities or events you have taken part in (including campus visits, open days, summer schools etc)

How we use your data

The data collected by EMWPREP and our partners will be used to check if the any of the activities you (or your child / dependant) attend are aimed at the right people and provide the right information.

In order to process your data, we need to identify an appropriate lawful basis for general processing and an additional condition for processing special category data.

Our data collection forms are therefore split into different sections:

  • Sections 1, 2 and 3 of our forms will be processed under Article 6(1)(e) (public task) and Article 9(2)(j) (research purposes for special category data only) and
  • Section 4 will be processed under Article 6(1)(a) (consent).

The lawful basis of a task carried out in the public interest is therefore applicable to data collected and processed by EMWPREP on behalf our partners, as it helps us to see if activities are increasing participation in higher education and whether or not funding is being used in the most effective way.

EMWPREP and its partners are determined under the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation to be Joint Data Controllers. This means each partner is equally responsible for complying with data protection legislation and for ensuring your information is handled correctly.

Please contact the EMWPREP core team if you have any queries about how your (or your child / dependant’s) data is handled. The EMWPREP core team is governed by Loughborough University. Our data protection officer can be contacted on

Analysis of your data may result in the publication and release of reports to third parties. Any reports produced using your data will never contain your identifying or contact details. If you wish to check what information is held on you, please complete our Subject Access Request Form.

We may also use your data to communicate with you via your school, post or email about taking part in more research to help us understand our activities.

Our EMWPREP Partners may also wish to contact you about taking part in additional activities.

If you wish to update your information or communications preferences, please complete our Update Your Details Form.

Who has access to your data

Your data is held in a secure database which is controlled to make sure that only those people that need to see it have access to it.

We may make data available to third parties who provide a service for our partners- including delivery of activities (such as online mentoring courses) as well as monitoring and evaluation of those activities. When this is the case we will ensure there are written contracts in place governing the usage of data.

Details of data that may be shared between organisations and a list of those third party organisations can be found in our Data Sharing policy document.

To obtain further information about your school and university life we may also make data available to the Department for Education (DfE), UCAS and Jisc.  By sharing your name, date of birth and postcode, DfE, UCAS and Jisc are able to link data together to provide a fuller picture of your school and university life which measure the success of activities you have attended.

We will always ensure any personal data shared with third parties is done so in a secure manner and in line with Loughborough University’s Information Governance Policy.

We will never send your data outside the European Economic Area.

We will never sell your data to other organisations.

How your data is maintained

You may be asked to complete a subsequent form when taking part in another activity or as part of an annual update. We will use this form to update any information that we have already collected from you. You can also update your data at any time by using our online Update Your Information Form.

In order to fulfil government reporting requirements, we will retain your full information for the lifetime of the partnership (currently until July 2025). Once we have matched your information to your school and university records and a full match has been found we will then remove your identifying details from your record.  An example of the current duration length for Jisc matching can be found here in our Data Retention and Deletion policy document.

Your rights

You can, at any point, tell us if you no longer want us to process your data – even if you have previously given us permission to do so. You can either complete the Data Deletion form, or contact us at

We always aim to comply with these requests, if for any reason we are unable to we will let you know the reason why.

You may request details of personal information which we hold about you under the relevant data protection legislation. A small fee will be payable. If you would like a copy of the information we hold please contact us using the details above.

Should you wish to make a complaint about the way in which we have collected and/or processed your data, please contact us at

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority such as the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Details of how to do so can be found on the ICO website.

Use of this website

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Please see our Cookies page for more information about our cookie use and how you can restrict or block cookies.

Contact us

If you have any questions about how we use your data, please contact us:

  • by email:
  • by phone: 01509 223462 or
  • by post: EMWPREP, Hazlerigg Building, Loughborough University, Loughborough, LE11 3TU.

Changes to this policy

We review this policy each year and will update it if there are changes in how we manage or use your data. This page will always contain the latest version of this policy.


Version 3: This policy was last updated in October 2022.

Changes made:

Change Number Change Date Document Version Change Location Change Description
1 June 2020 Version 2 Page 1 Added in sentence around collecting data directly from schools / colleges
2 June 2020 Version 2 Page 1 Added in reference to “any” activities taken part in
3 June 2020 Version 2 Page 2 Added in “UCAS” to paragraph discussing linking to other educational datasets
4 June 2020 Version 2 Page 2 Added “or as part of an annual update” to paragraph about refreshing data
5 November 2021 Version 3 Page 1 Added section on What is EMWPREP and what does it do?
6 November 2021 Version 3 Page 2 Added reference to current version of data collection forms (v10)
7 November 2021 Version 3 Page 2 Added in sentence about partners being joint data controllers
8 November 2021 Version 3 Page 2 Added paragraph explain legal basis of public task in more detail
9 November 2021 Version 3 Page 2 Amended data protection officer details
10 November 2021 Version 3 Page 3 Updated retention date of data and project
11 October 2022 Version 4 Page 1 and 3 Changed reference from “HESA” to Jisc” to paragraph discussing linking to other educational datasets following recent merger. Further details can be found here