EMWPREP NEWS – May 2017 // Issue 1

Hello and welcome to the first edition of EMWPREP News

We hope you find our bimonthly newsletter is a useful aid in updating you on EMWPREP activities between our regular steering group meetings


Team Update

In February we completed and disseminated the 2016/17 interim reports. These provide an indication of where partners are halfway through the current delivery cycle in terms of number of activities and participants worked with as well as being able to suggest how successful current targeting is.

Partners continue to receive quarterly database checks which identify discrepancies in the data uploaded onto the EMWPREP database. The next report will be sent out in mid-July. We are continuously working on partner specific evaluation, such as intervention evaluations and application data analysis.

We recently ran another successful EMWPREP database super user training session.

Members Update

Following HEFCE’s announcement of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP), we are now providing monitoring, evaluation and tracking services for four Midlands based NCOP consortia:

  • Pathways
  • LiNCHigher
  • Higher Horizons

It comes as no surprise that our volume of work, both in terms of day to day admin and specific project evaluation work, has increased substantially. In order to maintain the standard and quality of service currently offered, we have recruited a full-time Project Officer (NCOP) to work alongside the existing team in managing work associated with NCOP consortia. He will be joining the team next month and we look forward to introducing you to him.


Database Development

The database in its current format has existed for over 10 years. In January we met with our database developer to discuss the longevity of the current system and areas we felt needed developing. A report detailing the series of new modifications required was presented and approved at our last steering group meeting. Work is now underway by our developer with the aim to deliver EMWPREP Database 2.0 to all our users in September 2017.

Alongside an update to the database platform and optimisation, we will be taking the opportunity to refresh the design and layout. You can also expect some new additions to the database including a postcode lookup (which will be launched shortly), a participant track section, new downloads and reports. Testing on the new system will commence in July and August, with the aim to provide super user training and updated user manuals in August.


Full training will be provided to existing users on the new system and we aim to make the transition as seamless as possible.


Interim Reports

This year we changed the structure of the interim report so that it was a more concise analysis and included data from past interim reports. The reason for this was to enable partners to compare current and previous data, in order to better assess their targeting strategy and how they are progressing.

Deadlines NCOP Monitoring Reports

There is a disparity between EMWPREP CORE and EMWPREP NCOP reporting styles. As such we are proposing the following NCOP inputting and reporting deadlines for our partners. There will be a four week turnaround for reports including checking periods by NCOPs ready for submission to HEFCE.

We hope all partners feel these are acceptable however if there are any concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss them.

For details of the deadlines please click here.

End of Year Reports

As we are rapidly approaching year end, an early reminder that the deadline for manual inputting for inclusion in the 2016-17 end of year reports is Friday 28th July 2017. For any bulk uploads which need to be inputted by the EMWPREP team, the deadline will be Friday 30th June 2017.

We hope all partners feel these are acceptable, however, if there are any concerns please contact the team.

Data Requests

We have been working on a number of new data requests (DfE, HESA and ADRN) to provide updated school profiles and the latest progression analysis reports. Recently we submitted our latest HESA request and the data extract should be available for us to work on from mid-June onwards.


Specific Evaluations

In future EMWPREP News we will be showcasing specific partner evaluations, which will indicate to our partners the different types of in-depth analysis available to them. The feature would include a brief description of the methodology and the main findings.

If any partners would like to be included then please contact the EMWPREP team.


Our Links to the News

Last year Theresa May expressed her ambition to create new grammar schools in the UK, as well as expanding existing ones. However, this has not been well received, as there are concerns that grammar schools do not enable social mobility.

For more information on this topic, the following news articles are interesting reads:

BBC News: “Kent grammar schools: Odds loaded against poor pupils”

Telegraph: “The 11-plus can ‘never be tutor-proof’, major grammar school exam board admits”

External Training and Conferences

8 – 9 June (Leeds) 2017 NEON Summer Symposium: Widening Access in Higher Education – Are we there yet?,

20 June (Nottingham) Strategic approaches to addressing disparities in student outcomes

28 – 30 June (Glasgow) Concepts of Value and Worth: National and International Perspectives on Widening Access and Participation

4 – 6 July (Manchester) Generation TEF: Teaching in the spotlight

5 – 7 July (Brighton) 360 degree thinking: leadership / collaboration / innovation

8 July (London) The Brilliant Club’s 4th Annual Conference

10 – 13 July (Sheffield) The Future of Academic Advising: Connecting and Consolidating Students’ Experiences and Education

And finally…

Steering Group Meeting 

The next meeting is on Monday 10th July. Prior to the meeting, we will be sending out an agenda and relevant papers. We recommend that any partners who are unable to attend to forward feedback and/ or send comments on agenda items and papers to the EMWPREP team, prior to the meeting taking place, so these can be fed into the discussions.