Engaging and retaining students through video capture

The last 10 years have seen a growing emphasis on widening participation and access to higher education across the world. Yet there are so many significant changes taking place, affecting everything from international student mobility to recruitment trends to regional and global graduate employability that it is hard to predict with much accuracy what the future of higher education holds or to be sure that your institution is primed to be responsive. In the midst of all this confusion, universities that want to remain competitive have to pay close attention to how they can attract, retain and create successful outcomes for students from a wide mix of different backgrounds, nationalities and age groups. Due to the current lack of enrolment restrictions, new routes have opened to higher education. As student bodies become increasingly diverse, universities cannot rest on their laurels when it comes to making sure that all students’ needs are being equally met. Could lecture-capture be the key to personalising learning and widening participation for all? Read More.