‘Resource pool’ shows the best of outreach in higher education

A new searchable pool of resources captures the legacy of the National Networks for Collaborative Outreach.

Between 2015 and 2016, HEFCE funded the National Networks for Collaborative Outreach. This £22 million scheme brought together universities, colleges, schools, and other advisers, to carry out outreach activity in their areas.

It supported 35 local networks, a network for all the London boroughs, 3 national networks to address national priorities, and 18 projects with a focus on particular issues. In total, the scheme has worked with 98 per cent of state-funded secondary schools and colleges.

The networks have also produced a rich and varied range of resources. And HEFCE has now published a resource pool, which brings them together for the benefit of the sector.

The projects address many fair access and outreach issues. The resources illustrate approaches which can be taken in different circumstances to nurture the potential of prospective students from different backgrounds. Read More